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Married … well, you know …

Published July 21, 2012 by ashleenaome

I knew this dress was going to be trouble the minute I bought it. But what could I do? It’s beautiful … and fits perfectly. It was like the fates conspired against me. *sighs* So I convinced myself that I could handle it. I’m good at fending off creeps. I’ve seen all kinds. Yeah, I can definitely handle this … right.

But he was smooth.  Well dressed.  He obviously had money, even bragging  about an elevator in his garage … not that I believed him.  I should have been tipped off when he was evasive about being married.  “Depends on what you mean by married.”  “Oh don’t worry.”  “I’d never do anything against my faith.”  Quack … quack … quack.  I believed every word.

I was such a sucker.  In the end I dumped him.  He had like 5 kids.  AND a wife.  When will I learn? Seriously.  Oh well, at least I had the last word.

“Mormon schmormon … maybe this flies in Utah.  But everywhere else you’re married and cheating.   Humpffff … ”

Dress: TORN – Andie in pink 

Shoes: G Field – ‘Gina’ Lace-up Boots in fog

Hair: Ploom – Wurlie in swedish

Socks: Kyoot – Lacey White Knee Socks

Skin: Romi – Minuet pale

Misc: Hal*Hina eyes, MOCK lipstick, je suis necklace