The Future … isn’t what it used to be …

Published December 30, 2011 by ashleenaome

What if the rapacious corporations and their political lackeys pillage us into some sort of dismal steampunk future?    What will you wear?  Take a look in your closet.  Right, if you’re like me then there’s nothing.  That Star Trek uniform your nerd ex-boyfriend left you simply isn’t going to cut it.  Yeah, another reason why you should have never gone out with him.  What were you thinking?

But there’s hope.  You don’t have to be ‘the weird girl’.  The one with the funny clothes.  All it takes is a little shopping and you’ll fit right in.

I bought this incredible mesh dress at Violent Seduction.  It’s perfect for everyday wear in that coming hellscape we’re facing.  Food might be scarce, but least you’ll be fashionably dressed.  You might even be in the popular crowd.  Who knows?  But in any event it’s still cheap insurance, and sure beats those dowdy plaid survivalist getups.  Ewww… stay in the woods, pullleeeze.

Dress  – Violent Seduction (Persephone)  Mesh

Hair – Amacci (Shyla)

Tights – Mon Tissu

Shoes – G Field (Short Lace-Up Boots)

Cosmetics – Mock


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