Occupy Wall Street … Fashion Faux Pas

Published December 16, 2011 by ashleenaome

We all want to protest the erosion of our human rights by vile special interest groups who have hijacked our government.  Everyone is on-board to that.  But it’s still no excuse to let yourself go.  Even in the coming ‘Mad Max’ cannibalistic dystopian future your image will still be important.   It’s not going to be all feathers, mohawks, and football equipment.  Check this poor waif below.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Hint … EVERYTHING.  



Seriously !!!  There’s no excuse for that hat.  And the colors of her outfit scream ‘librarian’.  The hair is just a total mess too, and seems conflicted between red and brown.  Girl … what were you thinking ?  This was your big chance for media attention, and you come off looking like a rag bag on legs.

I’m not one to preach.  Well, yes I am.  But anyway … I did a little outfit just for contrast.  And then I dropped in at our own Second Life OWS SIM.  




Against my better judgement I picked up the animal hat at Waka & Yuki, the sweater and skirt are both Tokidoki, Mon Tissu oatmeal tights, and lace boots from G Field.  A nice blush courtesy of Mock Cosmetics to make me look tan since I never ever go camping … ewwww like I’d ever sleep in a tent.  And … well … what a difference.

It’s important to support the revolution and stuff, but not at the expense of your looks.  Of course there’s a downside.  Unwanted attention … like this guy … as if he has a chance.  Really.  Forget it …






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