Fashion and Politics … it’s a natural

Published December 14, 2011 by ashleenaome

We always knew those two crazy kids would get together.  You could see them staring at one another.  Barely concealing their unbridled lust.

OK OK … just kidding.  But let’s be honest, if we’re going to be ruled by a global corporate oligarchy then at least we can look good in the process.  And there’s no better place for that than Second Life.  This so-called ‘first life’ of ours is going straight to the dogs.  In fact if they start hydrofracking in my neighborhood then I may have to move in permanently.  But until that happens I plan to have fun.

I’m not affiliated with any Second Life stores or designers.  By that I mean I’m not being paid by anyone.  Oh sure there are ones I love.  Ones that I shop at compulsively … you know who you are *giggles*.   But I’m my own girl … and this little blog is staunchly independent.  If I say I like something then you can be sure that I really do.

**Big HUGS to all**

I was thrilled when I found this skirt at the petit pas area.  I’m soooo not a holiday person, but ‘black with snowflakes’ … c’mon.  I added a periwinkle top from Meena (Boho Hobo), a cute Alloro scarf, Chantkare cranberry tights, and a wonderful pair of purple mesh boots from Camilla at Insolence.  Mock Cosmetics finished the look.

Shhhhhhhhhh … I’m hiding.  I vowed to stay up here till corporations pay their fair share of taxes.  If you don’t ever see me again you’ll know what happened.


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