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The Future … isn’t what it used to be …

Published December 30, 2011 by ashleenaome

What if the rapacious corporations and their political lackeys pillage us into some sort of dismal steampunk future?    What will you wear?  Take a look in your closet.  Right, if you’re like me then there’s nothing.  That Star Trek uniform your nerd ex-boyfriend left you simply isn’t going to cut it.  Yeah, another reason why you should have never gone out with him.  What were you thinking?

But there’s hope.  You don’t have to be ‘the weird girl’.  The one with the funny clothes.  All it takes is a little shopping and you’ll fit right in.

I bought this incredible mesh dress at Violent Seduction.  It’s perfect for everyday wear in that coming hellscape we’re facing.  Food might be scarce, but least you’ll be fashionably dressed.  You might even be in the popular crowd.  Who knows?  But in any event it’s still cheap insurance, and sure beats those dowdy plaid survivalist getups.  Ewww… stay in the woods, pullleeeze.

Dress  – Violent Seduction (Persephone)  Mesh

Hair – Amacci (Shyla)

Tights – Mon Tissu

Shoes – G Field (Short Lace-Up Boots)

Cosmetics – Mock


Hair Plus …

Published December 30, 2011 by ashleenaome

I love Alice Project hair.

And I also love combining things out of my inventory.

So when I rushed home with the latest Alice Project offering (Lana) I couldn’t wait to try it on.  Naturally it looked great.  But then I remembered that I still had on my Amacci hair base.  And the two together were awesome.

Here’s the pics … alone … then together.  They fit like a hand in a glove.  Hurray for coincidence.  LOL



Bye bye Jongy …

Published December 22, 2011 by ashleenaome

What terrible news.  Kim Jong Il passed away.  I can’t believe it.  He looked so good only a few days ago.  Just last week we were coming out of a restaurant in Pyongyang.  He stepped over a beggar who said he hadn’t had any food in days.  Kim shot back his same old joke line, ‘don’t worry … it still tastes the same’.  I mean he’s always a lot of fun to go out with.  Well … WAS.  Seriously, how was I to know that it was the last time I’d wave goodbye?




Such a shock.  Looks like I’ll be going to a funeral.  But you know, there’s really only one thing to do.  Yeah … buy a new outfit.  That always makes me feel better.


So I bought a new skirt from CIA and paired it with that periwinkle blouse I picked up at Meena.  Found some pretty fuscia tights courtesy of Mon Tissu.  Alice Project mesh hair.  Insolence mesh boots.  Cosmetics from Mock as usual.   Hmmmm, might be a bit bright for a funeral.  But I’m sure Jongy would have wanted it this way.




Oh no.  I should have guessed it … Red… everywhere !!!  I’m so clashing.  *pout* This is THE worst funeral ever.



Occupy Wall Street … Fashion Faux Pas

Published December 16, 2011 by ashleenaome

We all want to protest the erosion of our human rights by vile special interest groups who have hijacked our government.  Everyone is on-board to that.  But it’s still no excuse to let yourself go.  Even in the coming ‘Mad Max’ cannibalistic dystopian future your image will still be important.   It’s not going to be all feathers, mohawks, and football equipment.  Check this poor waif below.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Hint … EVERYTHING.  



Seriously !!!  There’s no excuse for that hat.  And the colors of her outfit scream ‘librarian’.  The hair is just a total mess too, and seems conflicted between red and brown.  Girl … what were you thinking ?  This was your big chance for media attention, and you come off looking like a rag bag on legs.

I’m not one to preach.  Well, yes I am.  But anyway … I did a little outfit just for contrast.  And then I dropped in at our own Second Life OWS SIM.  




Against my better judgement I picked up the animal hat at Waka & Yuki, the sweater and skirt are both Tokidoki, Mon Tissu oatmeal tights, and lace boots from G Field.  A nice blush courtesy of Mock Cosmetics to make me look tan since I never ever go camping … ewwww like I’d ever sleep in a tent.  And … well … what a difference.

It’s important to support the revolution and stuff, but not at the expense of your looks.  Of course there’s a downside.  Unwanted attention … like this guy … as if he has a chance.  Really.  Forget it …





Fashion and Politics … it’s a natural

Published December 14, 2011 by ashleenaome

We always knew those two crazy kids would get together.  You could see them staring at one another.  Barely concealing their unbridled lust.

OK OK … just kidding.  But let’s be honest, if we’re going to be ruled by a global corporate oligarchy then at least we can look good in the process.  And there’s no better place for that than Second Life.  This so-called ‘first life’ of ours is going straight to the dogs.  In fact if they start hydrofracking in my neighborhood then I may have to move in permanently.  But until that happens I plan to have fun.

I’m not affiliated with any Second Life stores or designers.  By that I mean I’m not being paid by anyone.  Oh sure there are ones I love.  Ones that I shop at compulsively … you know who you are *giggles*.   But I’m my own girl … and this little blog is staunchly independent.  If I say I like something then you can be sure that I really do.

**Big HUGS to all**

I was thrilled when I found this skirt at the petit pas area.  I’m soooo not a holiday person, but ‘black with snowflakes’ … c’mon.  I added a periwinkle top from Meena (Boho Hobo), a cute Alloro scarf, Chantkare cranberry tights, and a wonderful pair of purple mesh boots from Camilla at Insolence.  Mock Cosmetics finished the look.

Shhhhhhhhhh … I’m hiding.  I vowed to stay up here till corporations pay their fair share of taxes.  If you don’t ever see me again you’ll know what happened.